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1. If you have rented books from us in-store, or at Sikeston, Dexter, Kennett, or Malden, you already have a College Store account setup. 

2. Click on the Log In above.

3. Enter your Three Rivers College email address and hit the tab Lost Your Password, and you will be emailed your password.

4. If you know your account is setup enter your email address and your password.

5. f you are a student, your email account includes the last 4 digits of your ID#

6. Use only Three Rivers College email addresses only.  Do not use Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or any non Three Rivers College email accounts; IT WILL BE DELETED.

If you do not have a Three Rivers College email account setup you cannot order books or a computer from this website. 


Spring Semester 2015 Book Pick Up and Web Orders Start Tuesday January 6th in Poplar Bluff, Sikeston, Kennett, Dexter, and Malden.

We will add back the tab to order computers by January 6th.

Look for our email in early January regarding book pick up, meal plans, computers, and supplies.

Last day to order Winter Session books will be Thursday December 18th.

We will be closed Friday December 19th at noon 12:00 PM - Monday January 5th.

We are located in the Bess Student Center. Before and after photos of our new location.