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1. If you have rented books from us in-store, or at Sikeston, Dexter, Kennett, or Malden, you already have a College Store account setup. 

2. Click on the Log In above.

3. Enter your Three Rivers College email address and hit the tab Lost Your Password, and you will be emailed your password.

4. If you know your account is setup enter your email address and your password.

5. If you are a student, your email account includes the last 4 digits of your ID#

6. Use only Three Rivers College email addresses only.  Do not use Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or any non Three Rivers College email accounts; IT WILL BE DELETED.

If you do not have a Three Rivers College email account setup you cannot order books or a computer from this website. 



The financial aid charging period in The College Store ends Tuesday 9-1-15.


We are expanding the Meal Plan Card to Sikeston, Dexter, Kennett, Malden, and Doniphan for Fall Semester.  If you would like to start using your Fall Semester financial aid today to purchase groceries, gasoline, and at restaurants, email the College Store to see if you qualify at:

             Updated as of 8/5/2015


  • Purchase with your excess Pell and loan financial aid funds.
  • Locations you can use the Meal Plan Card:
    • Poplar Bluff:
      • Harps Food Store
      • Godfather’s Pizza
      • Donut House Bakery & Deli
      • Subway (North Location ONLY, Mansion Mall)
      • The Bread Company Plus (On Campus & Off Campus)
      • Tios Mexican Bar & Grill - new location now setup
    • Sikeston:
      • Subway (In the Walmart) - new location now setup
      • FAS GAS(600 N. Main ONLY location) new location now setup
      • ? – Email us your ideas:
    • Dexter:
      • Harps Food Store - new location now setup
      • On The Go - new location now setup as of 8-18-15
      • Subway – new location now setup
      • Pizza Hut – new location now setup
    • Malden:
      • Harps Food Store - new location now setup
      • ? – Email us your ideas:
    • Kennett:
      • Harps Food Store - new location now setup
      • The Store – (1702 1st Street ONLY Location) new location now setup
      • Subway – new location now setup
    • Doniphan:
      • Harps Food Store - new location now setup
      • Subway - new location now setup


  • Meal Plans: (If you average $6.00 meal / Semester = 16 weeks x 7 days x 3 meals/day = 336 meals)

    $300 (50 meals), $400 (66 meals), $500 (83 meals), $600 (100 meals), $700 (117 meals) $800 (133 meals), $900 (150 meals), $1000 (167 meals), $1500 (250 meals), $2016 (336 meals)   


  • You can purchase a Meal Plan Card in any custom amount, but above are some best-selling Meal Plan Card amounts.


  • You can add additional value to your meal plan card in $100 increments at any point during the financial aid charging period. You can add money to your card virtually by emailing The College Store your name, ID #, dollar amount you want to add, and the Meal Plan Card 17 digit # on the back of the card to:  collegestore@trcc.ed


  • At the end of the semester, we can refund any balance still remaining on your Meal Plan Card to your Three Rivers College account.


You CAN use your Meal Plan Card for food, groceries, and gasoline.


You CANNOT use your Meal Plan Card to purchase alcohol beverages, tobacco products, lottery tickets, stored value or gift cards, pharmacy, and any other product Three Rivers College later determines is not eligible or inappropriate to purchase using the Meal Plan Card.                     



You cannot use financial aid for eTextbooks - credit card only.

You should not purchase an eTextbook where we have a physical rental book on our shelves, since you are charged for that physical rental book already at registration, and that fee is non-refundable.



Summer College Store Hours:

8:00 am – 5:00 PM (Monday – Thursday)

Closed Friday - Sunday