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1. If you have rented books from us in-store, or at Sikeston, Dexter, Kennett, or Malden, you already have a College Store account setup. 

2. Click on the Log In above.

3. Enter your Three Rivers College email address and hit the tab Lost Your Password, and you will be emailed your password.

4. If you know your account is setup enter your email address and your password.

5. If you are a student, your email account includes the last 4 digits of your ID#

6. Use only Three Rivers College email addresses only.  Do not use Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or any non Three Rivers College email accounts; IT WILL BE DELETED.

If you do not have a Three Rivers College email account setup you cannot order books or a computer from this website. 


 TOP 10



 1. Book Pick-Up:

Textbook Pick-Up will always begin the week before classes start; check our website for exact dates. To pick up books, you are required to bring your PRINTED class schedule and your RaiderOne Card (or other form of ID). You will pick up your books in The College Store, located in the Bess Student Center.

 2. Financial Aid:

All financial aid should be approved by the Financial Aid Office before you come to pick up books. Only certain financial aid types can be applied to books, supplies, computers, or a Meal Plan Card; check our website to see what each aid type will cover.  If you are taking classes that have rental books, many of those books are included with tuition, so you can pick-up those rental books even if your financial aid type does not apply to buy books.  In some cases if the class has a buy book, and we are able to obtain the book used,  we may convert the book to rental to save you money, and those books you will rent in The College Store at checkout.  See attachment.

 3. External Locations:

Aside from the Main Campus bookstore, there is an extension of The College Store at four external TRC locations: Dexter, Kennett, and Sikeston. If you are taking classes at one of these locations, you will pick up your books at their respective Stores.

 4. Web Courses:

If you are only taking web courses, then you will pick up your books based on the external location closest to your town.  See our website to view the list of towns and their assigned pick-up locations.  See attachment.

 5. Rental Returns & Replacement:

All rental items are due to be returned by the last day of finals of the semester for which they are rented. If rental items are not returned, lost, stolen, or have been damaged beyond repair, you will be charged their new retail price in order for them to be replaced. If a rental item is returned damaged but still in a usable condition, you will be charged a damage fee of $25.00 per item.  See attachment.

 6. Using Our Website:

On our website, we attempt to answer all your questions before you think to ask them, so most things that you need to know (including the Top 10) can be found there. You can also place orders for textbooks, computers, Meal Plan and Rewards Cards, and other limited merchandise, even when using financial aid as your method of payment. Also take advantage of our Amazon Special Ordering program that allows you to purchase items that may not be available in our store.

 7. Meal Plan & Rewards Cards:

The College Store provides 4 different card types that can be used at a variety of businesses in the TRC community – the Meal Plan Card, the Athlete Meal Plan Card, the Raider Rewards Card, and the Employee Rewards Card. Please visit our website for more details about how each card is used, their benefits, and where they are accepted.  See attachment.

 8. Meal Management Program:

The College Store now offers the Meal Management Program. Programs are tailored for each individual student based on their available financial aid. Implementing automatic, bi-weekly Meal Plan Card loads, the Meal Management Program provides a reliable source of budgeted income for food and fuel throughout your semester at TRC.  See attachment.

 9. Join Our Text List:

Text the word TRCbook to 313131 to join our texting list and receive important information regarding The College Store.  When you are no longer taking courses at TRC or if you’d like to opt out of this service, simply reply STOP to one of our text messages.

 10. How to Contact Us:


A lot of information about The College Store can be found on our website, so it’s best to check there first if you have a question.


Any formal requests should be made by email. Be sure to include your name and student ID number along with all relevant information regarding your request.

Phone: 573-840-9610 (Do not call during the back to school book pick up rush period - you may not be able to reach us)

If you need to talk to one of our team members, you can always call our Store on the Main Campus during our regular business hours. Please avoid calling during the week of Book Pick-Up. We want to be able to offer you exceptional and timely customer service; unfortunately this is not always possible during this week due to the rush that we experience in-store. Please refer to our website if possible during this time


The College Store at Three Rivers and carGO Team Up to Enhance Quality of Education at TRC

The College Store and carGO Technologies are partnering together to offer food delivery and rides in Poplar Bluff to TRC students and staff.  carGO started in Cape Girardeau last year and has completed over 60,000 food deliveries and rides.  Now, carGO is open for business in Poplar Bluff.  Download the carGO Carryout App to your smartphone and order using your credit or debit card.

By Fall Semester 2018, the Meal Plan and Rewards Cards will be integrated into the carGO Carryout and carGO Rideshare apps as a form of payment.  This integration will establish many new food choices for our TRC community, with delivery to Campus, homes, and businesses.

In addition, carGO is establishing a fund where a portion of proceeds from special promotions is going to help feed students that purchase a Meal Plan Card for Fall Semester 2018. 

Life's too short to stress over where your next meal is coming from, especially when you get that special craving while preparing for a test or hard at work.  carGO Carryout delivers great local food to your doorstep, desk, or dorm room. Simply tap the app, order your food and they will deliver!

In Poplar Bluff, carGO Carryout restaurants currently include Applebee’s, Bread + Butter, Buffalo Wild Wings, Burger King, Donut House, Dunkin’ Donuts, Godfather’s Pizza, IMOs Pizza, Las Margaritas, Lemonade House Grille, Maya’s, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Scotty’s Brewhouse, Subway, and The Wine Rack, with more restaurant locations coming soon.

When in Cape Girardeau, simply reset your location to a Cape address and 34 restaurant locations will be open to you for delivery.

For an iPhone download the carGO Carryout App from the Apple App Store, and for an Android download the carGO Carryout App from the Google Play Store.







Summer Hours Starts June 1st, where we will be closed on Friday's.

We are closed for all major holidays and during school breaks.

Check your Meal Plan Card balance by clicking on the card below and entering your card number:

It is the 17 digit number on the back of the card bottom right.






You cannot use financial aid for eTextbooks - credit card only.

You should not purchase an eTextbook where we have a physical rental book on our shelves, since you are charged for that physical rental book already at registration, and that fee is non-refundable.



Summer College Store Hours:

8:00 am – 5:00 PM (Monday – Thursday)

Closed  Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the summer.