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1. If you have rented books from us in-store, or at Sikeston, Dexter, or Kennett, you already have a College Store account setup. 

2. Click on the Log In above.

3. Enter your Three Rivers College email address and hit the tab Lost Your Password, and you will be emailed your password.

4. If you know your account is setup enter your email address and your password.

5. If you are a student, your email account includes the last 4 digits of your ID#

6. Use only Three Rivers College email addresses only.  Do not use Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or any non Three Rivers College email accounts; IT WILL BE DELETED.

If you do not have a Three Rivers College email account setup you cannot order books or a computer from this website. 



Meal Plan Card:
Starting Meal Plan Card load online is $300 for those with excess Pell and loan funds, after tuition, books, and fees. Meal Plan Card reloads are limited to 1 load per two-week load period, 3 total loads per semester, and no more than $300 per load. You can load no more than $900 in total in the first month of a 16 week semester.

The Meal Plan Card can be used to purchase food, groceries, and fuel at 24 locations in Southeast Missouri. The Meal Plan Card helps bridge the gap until you receive any financial aid payout coming to you from the College, which can be a month or two after the semester starts.

Meal Management Program:
The Meal Management Program utilizes automatic, bi-weekly loads onto your Card for half the semester or for an entire semester, creating a reliable source of income that will allow for food and fuel to keep your body, mind, and vehicle always moving forward. This program is for those with $1000 or more in excess Pell and loan funds, after tuition, books, and fees.

Email The College Store for more information:

FREE shipping and handling. Shipping, handling, and sales tax charges will be removed from the order when we ring the Meal Plan Card up at our cash register. The card will be mailed USPS unloaded.

After you receive the Meal Plan Card, email us at:

When you receive the card in the mail, email us the last 4 digits of the card number, your ID#, first and last name, and we will remotely load it, and email you back when it is loaded.


Price: $300.00

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