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1. If you have rented books from us in-store, or at Sikeston, Dexter, or Kennett, you already have a College Store account setup. 

2. Click on the Log In above.

3. Enter your Three Rivers College email address and hit the tab Lost Your Password, and you will be emailed your password.

4. If you know your account is setup enter your email address and your password.

5. If you are a student, your email account includes the last 4 digits of your ID#

6. Use only Three Rivers College email addresses only.  Do not use Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or any non Three Rivers College email accounts; IT WILL BE DELETED.

If you do not have a Three Rivers College email account setup you cannot order books or a computer from this website. 


WARNING - Read All of the Information Below or It May Cost You Extra $$$.  

Where to Pick Up Your Books: 

You will pick up your books at the location where you are taking classes: 


·         Poplar Bluff – for classes taught at Poplar Bluff. 

·         Sikeston – for classes taught at Sikeston. 

·         Dexter – for classes taught at Dexter. 

·         Kennett – for classes taught at Kennett. 

·         Other Locations – If you are taking classes at a location not listed above, see the web only courses list. 

·         Dual Credit (high schools) – Books are sent to the high schools. 

·         Web/Classroom – Click Here for Pick Up Location - If you have both web and classroom courses, you pick up your web books at the location where you take your classroom courses.  If one of the locations does not have your web books, they will order them from our Poplar Bluff location. 


·         Web Only Courses – Click Here for Pick Up Location - to see where you pick up your web only books, if you have web only classes, and no classroom courses.  We base it on what location is closest to where you are living. 


·         Ordering Online (home delivery) – It will cost $10.00 to have us pull, process, and box your textbooks for you. In addition, you will have shipping costs.  Shipping for the first textbook you have shipped UPS ground within the USA will cost $10.00, plus $2.00 for each additional textbook ordered after the first textbook.  Therefore your minimum shipping and handling fee is $20.00, plus $2.00 for each book after the first book ordered; this fee MUST be paid with a valid Visa or MasterCard; IT CANNOT BE PAID WITH FINANCIAL AID.

What You Will Need to Rent or Purchase Your Books:
You are REQUIRED to bring the following with you to rent or purchase your books:   

1.    Your PRINTED class schedule. You cannot pick up your rental or buy books without a recently PRINTED class schedule, which must include your name and ID#; electronic forms of your schedule (via your phone, tablets, or computers) CANNOT be used.  This applies too if you are picking your books up at Sikeston, Dexter, and Kennett.  There are NEVER any exceptions to this policy for any reason, regardless if you are picking up one book or all of your books, regardless if it is the beginning of the semester, or your only needing one book during the semester.  


2.    Raider OneCard, or School ID, or Driver’s License.  We recommend you bring your Raider OneCard over another form of ID, because the new cards have a barcode on the back that we can scan, which speeds the checkout process for you, verifies your financial aid, but we will accept other forms of ID.  


3.    Your form of payment.  Approved Financial Aid; Just because you have financial aid it does not mean you have enough financial aid.  You must know how much financial aid you will be receiving then subtract what you owe the College for tuition, fees, and past balances; the amount remaining is what you have available to spend in The College Store.  We also accept Visa/MasterCard, Cash, Check)      

Our book pick-up area is all self-server, but we do have people that will show you how to find your books. If you are taking classes that have rental books, you have already been charged a $40.00 rental fee per class at the time of registration.  Rental fees are mandatory and non-refundable.

Rental, Purchase, and Return Guidelines (click on link below)


26-The College Store Rental Purchase and Return Guidelines.pdf


Financial Aid:
Here is what you can buy in The College Store with your EXCESS financial aid:

  • Pell and Loans = books, meal plan, computer, school supplies, software, and accessories, and backpack.  If you are taking 12+ you qualify for 100% of your Pell amount, 9-11 hours 75% of your Pell award, 6-8 hours 50% of your Pell award, 3-5 hours 25% of your Pell award.  Loans to qualify you need 6 or more hours; anything below 6 you do not qualify for loans. 


  • Scholarships = Required Books Only.  
  1. VORE, VAVR, WIA, TRA, DAEOC = Required Books and Required Supplies.  
  2. A+ does not pay for books or supplies.  
  3. You must know how much financial aid you have available to spend before coming to The College Store.   
  4. 10%+ of students that walk into The College Store to buy books, supplies, or a computer do not have enough financial aid.   
  5. If you do not have enough financial aid you will need to pay the difference with either Visa/MasterCard, cash, or check.  
  6. You must know the financial aid math:
    + Financial Aid
    - Tuition & Fees & Past Balances
    = Available Funds to Spend in The College Store.  This applies only to Pell & loans, other financial aid type are required books only, and do not have excess funds. 

Computer Purchase:
If you have Pell or loans you can use your financial aid to purchase a computer from us, if you have enough money remaining after your pay for your tuition, housing if on campus, and books.  You can order computer, printers, wireless mouse, external hard-drive, and Microsoft Office through our online store and have it shipped to your home, or you can purchase a computer in-store at our Poplar Bluff location.  We have demo units at our Poplar Bluff location. 

Computers, printers, computer supplies can be returned within 7 days of purchase if defective or not opened; if ordered online, the 7 days starts when it is delivered; if purchased in-store the 7 days starts when the computer is picked up.  Unless found to be defective within the 7 days, opened boxed computers, printers, hardware, or software cannot be returned if opened. 

Online Ordering:
This is a premium service available only for those who through distance or circumstance cannot purchase their textbooks in-person or in-store.  We do not accept email orders or phone orders for books.  You must either come into The College Store in Poplar Bluff, or visit one of our off campus locations, or order online through our online ordering system.  

You will need a valid Visa or MasterCard to order your books online.  If you have approved available financial aid, you can use it to pay for your books, but you will need to pay for the processing and shipping fee with a credit card; you cannot pay these fees with financial aid.   

It will cost $10.00 to have us pull, process, and box your textbooks for you. In addition, you will have shipping costs.  Shipping for the first textbook you have shipped UPS ground within the USA will cost $10.00, plus $2.00 for each additional textbook ordered after the first textbook.  Therefore your minimum shipping and handling fee is $20.00, plus $2.00 for each book after the first book ordered; this fee MUST be paid with a valid Visa or MasterCard; IT CANNOT BE PAID WITH FINANCIAL AID. 

If you provide us with a Visa or MasterCard that fails to process on the first try because of a lack of funds, you will be charged a $10.00 processing fee.  You will also be charged a $10.00 processing fee if you fail to provide a valid phone number, if you do not provide your correct student ID#, if your address is not correct; UPS cannot ship to PO Box numbers.  If you are using financial aid as a form of payment, and you do not have financial aid at the moment of processing your order you will be charged the $10.00 processing fee.  If your order fails to ship for any reason of your making, you will be charged a $10.00 processing fee.  If you do not have the money to cover the shipping and handling fee DO NOT ORDER ONLINE.

You can rent books online for those classes that offer rental textbooks.  You MUST be a registered student for the semester for the course for which you are ordering textbooks, and you MUST enter your Three Rivers College ID number during the profile setup part of your order as you register as a new customer.  You must first register as a new customer during the ordering process if you have never ordered textbooks before through our ecommerce website.  This is not the same system as the College; you must first register as a new customer before you can order your books online.

When ordering, allow for 1- 2 business days before your order ships, and allow time for UPS ground shipping of 1-2 business days for most Missouri locations, but additional time for out of Missouri locations.  If you are have not received your online order, and it has been more than a week since you placed it online, email The College Store: 

Please provide your order number, name, and ID #.

Email The College Store regarding Textbook Charges On Your Account:
If you have a book charge or fine on your account, and you believe you have returned all of your rental books by the deadline, you must email The College Store for additional information. We do not accept or answer textbook charge questions over the phone.   You must resolve all textbook charges questions on your account in writing via email. 

Send your email to: 

Provide us your name, ID#, and your questions or information you would like us to know.  We normally respond in less than 1 business day Monday - Friday.

Keep in mind that if you failed to return your rental book by the deadline, you own the book, and it is unlikely we will ever buy back your rental purchase books.  


View Rental Transaction History: 

You can now view through The College Store website rental books you have outstanding and have returned.     

1.    Go to:  

2.     On the left hand navigation you will see a place to Log In. 

3.    You will enter your Three Rivers College email address (no other email address will work to see rental history), and password.  The system automatically sets an account up for you if you have rented books, and have not not setup and account before on our College Store website.  You can try your ID# as your password, or hit the Lost Your Password tab on the Log In screen. 

a. if you are a student.  You must know their email name and last four of ID# before the @ sign. 

b. if you are a staff member.  You must know their email name before the @ sign. 

c.    If you setup in the past a College Store account using their Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or any email other than an official Three Rivers College email, the system will not pull rental books into your College Store online account.  You should never use Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, or any non Three Rivers College email account to setup you College Store account.  We will delete all accounts that are non Three Rivers College email accounts.

4.    If you do not have a password, or you do not remember or know you password, you will hit the link Lost My Password.  The site will email you your password to your Three Rivers College email address.

5.    If you have rented books in the past you already have an account setup on The College Store website. 

6.    After you log in you will see a menu.  You will click on View Rental Transaction History. 

7.    The website updates every 24 hours, so books returned today at the cash register in Poplar Bluff, Sikeston, Dexter, Kennett, and Malden should show as returned in 24 hours.  Books deposited in The College Store Poplar Bluff Night Book Drop will show returned within 1-2 business days. 

8.    When you View Rental Transaction History, you will see books listed by Term, Title, Author, and ISBN.  Click on each ISBN to see the details of what books are still outstanding or what books have been returned (see example below). 

9.    Nothing from the Rental Transaction History should be inferred to contradict our rental policy.   

10. The purpose of this service is to provide students with more information regarding their outstanding and returned rental books, with the goal of facilitating more timely rental returns, so you can avoid costly fines and book charges. 

See example of what they see when they click on the ISBN: 

Rental Book Details 

CALCULATOR/TI84 PLUS - 978-3-331-71921-6 

Date Rented 


Trans Number 


Store Number 


Term Rented For 


Due Date 







Serial Number 


Rent Condition 




Replacement Fee 

$150.00 (charged only if rental is not returned) 

Penalty Fee 

$25.00 (charged only if rental is not returned) 

Open: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Closed: Saturday & Sunday

About Us:
The College Store at Three Rivers College is owned and operated by Three Rivers College.  All revenue earned by The College Store is applied to offsetting the cost of providing education here at Three Rivers College.  More than an online store, the mission of the Three Rivers College Store is to provide the academic materials, supplies, and technology products to facilitate student academic success.